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I am gathering here the data and codebook used to analyze the decisions made by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  I and my co-authors have used these data sets in various articles in the Journal of Peace Research, the International Criminal Law Review, Judicature, the Leiden Journal of International Law, Social Science Quarterly and various book chapters.  These data sets are works in progress and are generally updated fairly soon after the tribunals hand down new rulings.  If you have any questions or find any errors, please email me at

For more information on ICTY & ICTR research try my vita or Dr. Kimi King's vita. Also, try The ICTY web site or The ICTR web site

International Criminal Tribunal Defendant Data Base Codebook - Note - this codebook contains the codes for defendant level data at the ICTR, ICTY and SCSL.


International Criminal Tribunal Defendant Data Base Stata 12 This is the Stata 12.0 Version of the data

CombinedTribunalsDataJuly2014UpdateforWeb.xlsx This is the Excel version of the data


Thanks to Matt Kohler and Amber Aubone for their invaluable and excellent assistance on this project.